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We can't leave; it's the last road open

Every speed on our knees is crawling

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Website:Memento Mori
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I have seen, I have been
To places far and deep in my mind only to find
Comfort in your strangeness
We are slaves to the crimes we commit
In fits of passion
We shame, we are nothing
We are nothing, we are nothing, we are nothing
But the dust on your feet dying to be born again

- Cynthia Alexander, Comfort in Your Strangeness

{Wren Fletcher is an original character for the RE-Biohazard Roleplay [info]mementomorirpg.}
{She is written by [info]crystal_sun396 and PB Renata Maciel.}
{All icons made by [info]dimestoreicons}

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adventure seeking, animal rights, caf├ęs on rainy nights, eating vegetarians, flickering neon signs, getting completely lost, good_idea_at_the_time, graffiti, large quantities of caffeine, marcel duchamp, meat alternatives, painting, random encounters, self-control, sleep_is_for_dead_people: 24 hours_of_live_art, starving artists, streetlamps, urban exploration, vegetarianism, water-soluble, will-power
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